The Adventures of Galaxy Girl

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Camp Sunshine

Camp Sunshine is our first full length game (that we have released) and puts you right in the middle of an American Summer Camp when a slasher attacks! It’s up to you to figure out what is going on and put a stop to the night of bloodshed!

Featuring over 100 unique locations, voice acting, puzzles and a gripping story, Camp Sunshine is great (and scary) fun, and we think you’ll like it!

We are Paul and Josh, otherwise known as Fossil Games and by our powers combined we are Captain Planet … oh, we’re not? Sorry!

Anyway, we created Fossil Games in 2015 and we create games that we like to play, because we’re both old farts we make retro 16-bit pixel-art driven games that focus on the gameplay rather than trillions of polygons, but they look beautiful too!

When we’re not making games we’re busy playing them and designing other things, in fact Josh creates awesome t-shirts that you should totally check out.

Thanks for visiting our little website, and thanks for playing our games too – if you’d like to send us a message click this link.

Paul & Josh

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