Sunshine Manor is the prequel to 2016s Camp Sunshine, a love letter to retro gaming and classic 80s horror films. Taking inspiration from movies like “From Beyond” and “Friday the 13th” and mixing bits from games such as “The Legend of Zelda”, “Resident Evil” and “Silent Hill”.

When it comes to horror games, Sunshine Manor is all about the tension, rather than relying on purely jump scares (although, we do have a few of those too!). The game aims to deliver many features that will differ from typical horror games.

  • Beautiful hand drawn 8-bit pixel art.
  • Explore a changing Mansion and journey between the mortal and demon realms.
  • A fantastic 80s synthwave soundtrack written just for Sunshine Manor
  • Power Ups and Costumes to help you in your quest.
  • Cross paths with a host of unique characters
  • With a bit of comedy in there as well!

First and foremost, Ada isn’t your typical 80s horror movie damsel in distress. Although she might be trapped inside The Sunshine Manor, Ada is more than capable at stopping the unfolding nightmare and ending The Shadow Man’s reign of terror over the ghostly inhabitants of the old Aitken house.

Ada hasn’t just got her wits to protect her though. Her latent psychic powers are triggered as she enters the mansion and allows her to banish demons, ward off the Shadow Man and solve devious puzzles that would trap any normal hero.

However, with every reward there is a risk. The range of your psychic abilities might be short, so you have to get close to banish these evil rascals and force The Shadow Man back into his lair. Miss and they just might get you…

The old Aitken house has been sat dilapidated for the past four years and the local children have told stories of the gruesome murders that happened in 1976. Ada and her two friends pluck up the courage to knock on the door and the rest for you to discover…

Whilst this is a game set entirely within a single location, the Mansion itself changes over time, with new areas being unlocked during your quest to stop The Shadow Man. You’ll find items, keys, costumes, hidden rooms and more within the beautiful hand drawn rooms and corridors.

Not content with just the mortal realm? Well, you will also be able to make your way through the “Demon Realm” and its roster of baddies..  Some out for blood and others that are a little more relaxed. These are just a few you will meet along the way, and over the course of the campaign we’ll be doing a little spotlight on each of them too!

Back when we were creating Camp Sunshine in 2015, we wanted to include a whole host of costumes and power ups within the game that the player could unlock as they progressed. However, as the game continued development we realised that doing that would take away from the type of game we were trying to create … one built on the premise that you were unprotected, unable to fight and were being hunted down constantly.

Now with Sunshine Manor and the introduction of Ada’s rather awesome psychic powers, it’s the perfect time to give you a whole host of weird and wonderful looks and new powers you can unlock as the story unfolds …

Want to wield the power of purple plasma? Then the Plasmancer costume is going to be perfect for you! Just make sure you keep them safely stored away when you’re not using them as they could be lost forever…

With a game based heavily on our love of 80s horror movies, we had to create a score in the vein of John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream and Angelo Badalamenti. Want to take a listen to some of the tracks?