What is Sunshine Manor?

Sunshine Manor is a horror adventure game inspired by the famous horror movies of the 1980s. You play as Ada, whose night of trick or treating turns into a night of terror when she becomes trapped inside the Sunshine Manor. You’ll use your latent psychic powers to battle demons, solve puzzles and maybe even defeat the omni-present Shadow Man who is watching your every move.


Fossil GamesĀ are a two-person indie games team who have a love for retro gaming, pixel art and 1980s horror movies. In 2016 we released Camp Sunshine (the first game in our Sunshine Universe trilogy) to a fantastic reception based on little to no advertising and a very small crowdfunding campaign. The game gathered praise on all storefronts and is featured in hundreds of YouTube let’s play videos from creators such as SuperBestFriends, CinnamonToastKen and more!

What are we doing now?

Now, we are working on the second game in the Sunshine Universe trilogy which goes back in time slightly to unveil the events that lead up to Camp Sunshine whilst offering an entirely new adventure of its own!